The Big Eyed Fish Story

We are all just tiny fish in a big pond.

So much to see, so much to do but we often get hung up swimming in the same circles.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


to outfit tomorrows adventure

There was a time in America where Route 66 and the open road were almost these magical gateways to places our imaginations could only fathom. You started off on the blacktop of suburban America and transported to a realm of purple sunsets and towering mountains. We recognize the journey from the familiar to the unfamiliar. We realize that even the tiniest streams of the mountains, can reach rivers and ultimately the oceans. This is what Big Eyed Fish Outfitters is all about. As a provider of outdoor lifestyle clothing, we not only seek to offer you the clothes and designs that express your uniqueness, but we want to inspire you to go out and experience an adventure. Because we’ve come to realize, it’s not the clothes you wear it’s the adventure that takes place while you wear them. It’s not necessarily the mountains, the oceans or the clothes but all the journeys in-between.

The “journeys in-between” make us realize the importance of the little things, the small details. In our hustle and bustle of the modern world, we’ve lost touch with the small details and, in-turn, with each other. We realize that these small details lead to a bigger picture. That’s why we encourage the wanderers, the sight gazers and the thrill seekers to tread the path less traveled, to hike the unchartered, and embrace the world in front of them. Whether that’s your backyard, a 3-hour day trip, or a 3-day adventure, we want you to take back the part of your humanity that is itching to reconnect with the natural world. Let’s go back to the days before everything went “modern” when a Station Wagon or a Volkswagen Bus full of vacationers could play “I Spy” or converse for hours on end.

Maybe our idea of fun seems antiquated, or perhaps you are somehow convinced that you and the world around weren’t exciting enough.

The good news is it’s never too late to open your eyes, little fish.

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